We are excited to share some of the most recent endeavors our church is embarking on!

E questo è quello che si è scoperto. Per tre mesi, durante il quale sperimentale riportava sulla loro vita, il 66,5% di loro almeno una volta, ma fare sesso. Allo stesso tempo, il 54% era impegnato nel sesso con il loro ex partner (ma non il precedente, ma uno dei lunghi tempi), e farmaciaitalia 26% c’era un contatto sessuale con qualcuno di nuovo.

The Jim and Velma Dewese Resource Center

This library is a dream come true. Pastor Richard Miller has desired to create this resource center for the church for years. That vision has finally come to pass. Praise God!

Hosea 4:6: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

Exercise Room

Happy Union Baptist Church is taking a wholistic approach to ministry. We want everyone to live happy lives. We care deeply about our members spiritual health, but we care about their physical health as well. The body is a temple for the Holy Spirit. We need to care for it properly. This exercise room is one way we intend on accomplishing that goal. We will post some pictures very soon!

Paintball Arena

Here at Happy Union Baptist Church we believe that we can have fun and honor God at the same. We are focused on providing fun and safe conditions for our youth members to flourish in. This is the first of many projects that are aimed at creating a fun and thriving environment for our youth department. We are excited about what the Lord has allowed us to accomplish so far.